Proven Laser Skin Treatment & Body Analysis

Dr. Penny Edwards of The Healthy Lifestyle in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers laser skin treatment and body analysis using tried and tested procedures. She offers a variety of programs customized to your needs.


Using a cold laser, Dr. Penny does a 45-minute facial treatment in a procedure called photorejuvenation. She uses the exact same equipment featured on the TV program, The Dr. Oz Show. By stimulating circulation and collagen formation, your skin will look firmer, attractive, and more radiant. It will also heal acne and will fade liver spots (age spots). Priced at $45, the treatment is done once a week for six weeks, and once a month for maintenance. To document your progress, she takes your "before and after" photos.

Other Cosmetic Services
Dr. Penny also offers permanent eyeliners, eyebrows, and lipsticks. Based on your skin type, she provides custom blend foundation.

Laser Skin Treatment

Weight Loss Service
Using a body analyzer, Dr. Penny examines your body to obtain vital information. With electrodes hooked up to you, she determines the following:

• The Amount of Calories You Need & Should consume Every Day
• Your Water Retention Level
• Your Body Fat Percentage
• Your Lean Body Mass
• Your Ideal Weight

Personal Data
The information she gathered is printed out in the form of a pie chart. Every week, a bar graph is also printed out to monitor your progress until your goal is achieved. She also offers a variety of menu meal plans that accommodates your special dietary needs.

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