Time-Tested Migraine & Depression Treatment & Reliable Smoking Cessation Plans

Dr. Penny Edwards of The Healthy Lifestyle in Albuquerque, New Mexico, provides migraine and depression treatment, as well as smoking cessation. She stops at nothing until you reach your goals.

Migraine & Depression

With a cold laser, Dr. Penny uses a little reflexology therapy to achieve positive results and relief. For migraines, she does an analysis to discover if your case is hormone-based, dietary, or from other sources.

Using the information from your interview, Dr. Penny starts the gradual process of smoking cessation. She targets certain areas of your body with the cold laser in order to help control your cravings. Some of the questions she asks during the interview are:

Depresses Woman
• What Triggers Your Urge? • Where Are You When the Craving Started? • What Was Going on When the Craving Started?


Contact Dr. Penny now in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and let her shed more
light on migraine and depression treatment or smoking cessation.

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